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Hi there! So, Becky and I decided to do an Arrow Tumblr Awards because we (I) think it’s a shame there’s none! This is our first awards ever, we have no idea what we are doing, but well!

Alright so, Rules:

  • don’t have to, but would be reeeeeally appreciated if you followed becky and sara
  • reblog this post (likes do not count!)
  • this should get more than 30 notes
  • have to be multifandom or arrow blog.
  • when you reblog, tag what category you’d like to participate in
  • have a link to your edits on your blog (pls)
  • reblog until 27 June
  • winners announced two days after reblogging ends
  • this depends on the notes but probably one winner and one runner up per category.


  • The man under the hood: Best Oliver
  • The lawyer by day, superhero by night: Best Laurel
  • The bitch with wifi: Best Felicity
  • The yellow bird: Best Sara (if enough notes)
  • The red arrow: Best Roy (if enough notes)
  • The soon to be daddy: Best Diggle (if enough notes)
  • Best icon
  • Best theme
  • Best url
  • Best overall (aka best arrow)
  • Sara’s favourite
  • Becky’s favourite


  • Best Olicity
  • Best Lauriver

Winner will get:

  • follow from us
  • our love for the end of life
  • a link on our blogs
  • promos?
  • a graphic/gifset/edit/whatever you want?

Runners up will get:

  • follow from us
  • a link in our blogs
  • a promo (from both of us so two promos)
  • our friendship
  • a cookie

If you have any questions, go here or here. :) (check this before asking)

Good luck! and reblog!!